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Restaurant Ipad POS

Revel is the Restaurant iPad POS That

Your Company Needs

We are living in an increasingly technological world. As a result, the tasks that we undertake and the results that we aim for all revolve around efficiency and accuracy. When you go to a restaurant, you expect to eat good food before leaving the store after settling your bill. If you have ever gone to a business that was experiencing issues with their restaurant iPad POS, then you know how suddenly difficult your experience can be. As a restaurant owner, it is up to you to make sure that your customers never have these unexpected inconveniences. How can you make that happen? By installing the best Apple iPad POS to hit the market, that's how!


The Revel iPad POS is an advanced piece of software that can operate directly from your Apple iPad. Revel gives you absolute control over everything that you'd expect from a restaurant iPad POS, from handling orders and card pre-authorization to delivery management and inventory control. What sets Revel apart from the rest of the Apple iPad POS industry is a little more exciting. The Revel iPad POS proudly offers the 'Always-On' function so that your customers can check out even when your internet connection is struggling. That's right, through power outages, server slowdowns, and internet outages, your Revel iPad POS will operate at maximum efficiency!


While efficiency is one calling card of the ideal restaurant iPad POS, it isn't the only thing we care about. For that reason, we love to showcase the intelligent reporting and till management systems that the Revel iPad system has in place. Your restaurant will be in great hands when you fire up your POS at the beginning of every workday. To hear more information about this wonderful software, contact our team at WiCloud Wireless Restaurant Systems! We'll be happy to help set you up for success.

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