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POS Software

Grow Your Business With Purpose-Built POS Software

Owning and operating your own business can be a hugely rewarding task. Unfortunately, you can run into trouble if you aren't properly equipped to handle your customers and their tickets. We are far beyond the days of writing receipts out by hand and now customers expect quick and efficient transactions during every encounter. To make sure that your restaurant or business can handle the workload, you'll want purpose-built POS software. If you aren't familiar with the concept, we'll explore it below before showcasing our software recommendation!


Here at WiCloud Wireless Restaurant Systems, we are proud to offer the Revel iPad POS as an all-in-one wireless restaurant POS that you can count on. POS stands for 'point of sale' and it is an acronym that we use when referring to transaction-based software. The Revel iPad POS has been taking the world of POS software by storm since its introduction to the market. What makes this software so wonderful? How can your restaurant or business benefit from the Revel POS software? Those are great questions, so let's explore them!


Wireless restaurant POS systems are used to render transactions, set table timers, split bills, and manage bar tabs. While we may have just described a great many features, that doesn't even scratch the surface of what the Revel iPad POS can offer you. This system gives you complete control over your establishment. From ingredient inventory controls to bill splitting and mobile drink orders, Revel iPad manages to do it all.


If you are looking to make your wireless restaurant POS perfect, you might want to consider exploring the benefits of WiCloud POS. We also offer commercial grade and secured WiFi network installations that will allow your POS to work quickly, efficiently, and without any hiccups. You can contact us via our website, telephone, or social media at your convenience for more information.

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