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Food Truck Ipad POS System

  Is There a Reliable Food Truck iPad POS System Available?

Nowadays it is of the utmost importance that your business is both convenient and accessible. When we talk about accessibility and convenience, we aren't just talking about how things appear to your customers. If you run a food truck, concession stand, or self-service kiosk, you will find it beneficial to have dynamic, reliable, and creative POS solutions on hand. Today, we have the pleasure of showcasing how the Revel Concessions iPad POS management system can help you transform your business, improve profits, and send your customers away smiling.


First and foremost, when you think of a food truck iPad POS system, what comes to mind? You probably aren't imagining a bulky system that takes up substantial space. When you work out of the back of a truck, space is a premium and that is where the Revel Concessions iPad POS system tends to shine. With the Revel system installed, your food truck iPad POS system will be accessible from your fingertips as well as that of your customers. No more passing paper back and forth or worrying about large computers taking up space in your vehicle.


While accessibility is obviously a huge benefit when discussing a concession stand iPad POS system, there is more that goes into the software than that. What makes the Revel Concessions iPad system perfect for food trucks and concession stands is its litany of customization options and in-depth features. With Revel Concessions on hand, you will be able to manage your inventory, craft eye-catching digital menus, and even grant your customers the chance to order from the comfort of their seats. Of course, Revel also accomplishes all of the traditional tasks that you'd expect of a concession stand iPad POS system. Revel has till management, inventory mode, and all of the other traditional staples.


The biggest benefit of pursuing Revel Concessions for your self service kiosk iPad POS system is the 'Always On' mode. If you've worked out of a food truck or concession stand, you know how scary it can be to lose connectivity to your POS server. When your POS system can't connect to the server, you can't render sales. With Revel's 'Always On' mode, you are always protected even when the internet goes down. That's right! Even when everyone else loses their internet, you will still be able to process transactions to keep your line moving and your business growing.


Selecting your own self service kiosk iPad system can feel like an intimidating task. If you need help to find the right POS software for your business, contact our team at WiCloud Wireless Restaurant Systems to learn more. You can call or contact us via our website to see if Revel is the right system for your business needs.

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