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 When it comes to wireless iPad POS it is imperative that the WiFi network be designed and implemented properly.  WiCloud  POS installs and configures a commercial grade and secure  WiFi network dedicated to your Revel iPad POS.  When we take your business "live" on Revel you will have solid WiFi coverage in all areas of your business where you will be using your Revel iPad POS.  


Strong WiFi signals, no inference and maximum reliaibility is what WiCloud ascribes to in our wireless approach.   WiCloud POS is expert at implementing handheld mobile iPads for those customers who want to provide table-side ordering in their full service restaurants and bars or line busting speed of service in their quick service establishments,  however you decide to implement your Revel iPad POS system, WiCloud will design it right the first time.

Our WiFi networks are remotely managed by our WiCloud POS dedicated cloud controller allowing us to monitor, analyze and respond to ever changing WiFi environments. This gives WiCloud the ability to remotely change WiFi channels,  flash our access points with updated firmware and keep your Revel iPads POS WiFi working at an optimum level.

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