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Quick Service POS System

  Where Can I Find a Quick Service POS System?

When you think of a great restaurant, what comes to mind? Obviously food quality and pricing are important, but so is how effective your service is. As a restaurant owner, it is your job to provide your customers with an environment that allows them to quickly and effectively order their food and settle their bills. For that reason, many modern restaurants are turning to a Quick Service POS system like Revel POS. This dynamic quick service restaurant POS software is easy-to-use and easier to implement into your current business structure. Let's take a tour of the Revel iPad Point of Sale software so that you can see why your business might find it beneficial!


Modern POS systems are no longer constrained to desktop computers, laptops, and registers. Nowadays, you can have your customers and employees engage with a quick service POS system that operates off of both countertop and mobile "line buster" tablets such as the iPad. The Revel iPad POS system works over an Apple iPad to allow you the ultimate freedom when handling customers. The Revel system works with an 'Always-On' mode which ensures that even when your internet is struggling or the cloud server is down, you will be able to take orders and process payments! It's true, there is no technical inconvenience that could stop your system from working short of the iPad itself breaking. If you've ever gone to a restaurant when the credit card servers are down, you'll understand why this is such a massive benefit.


Outside of its place as an efficient countertop and mobile order taking system, your Revel iPad POS will be stacked with features aimed toward your work behind the scenes. Your Revel iPad POS will allow you to craft custom automatic "combo" meals, monitor your inventory, promote Gift  Card sales and Loyalty programs and even compile intelligent reports to maximize your chances at business success. Underneath this bevy of fascinating features, you'll also enjoy quick-and-easy ordering interface as well as till management and restaurant mobile order taking, "line-busting". There's nothing that the Revel iPad POS cannot accomplish for your restaurant.


Outside of our impressive point of sale software, our team at WiCloud Wireless Restaurant Systems can help you make sure that your internet is always in good shape. We also are proud to offer commercial-grade managed WiFi solutions so that your wireless internet is always up, running, and as fast as you need it to be. All of our WiFi networks are managed remotely via a dedicated cloud controller which means that our team can respond to anything that changes within your wireless environment at a moment's notice. Our managed WiFi solutions are an exceptional way to get the most out of your Revel iPad Point of Sale system.

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