Revel Systems

Revel Systems has the iPad POS Features you need to run your business with the utmost ease and efficiency.

Our iPad point of sale is highly customization to your individual business needs, and that includes the POS features you need to maximize your business’ earning potential. Cloud-based and secure, Revel iPad POS is also feature-rich, allowing you to tailor our point of sale solution to your particular business. Revel offers its own, in-house features, providing an even more seamless point of sale solution.

Mobile Ordering

Revel Systems iPad Mobile POS is the ideal solution for your mobile point of sale needs. No matter the type of business, Revel iPad POS for Mobile has you covered. Whether you own a food truck, catering company, mobile retail shop, or other type of business (the possibilities are endless), Revel Mobile POS is the most efficient and robust system for your mobile business needs. Equipped with a multitude of innovative features, Revel’s point of sale system allows you to customize your POS to your individual business needs for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Offline Mode

Did you know, most systems have offline mode, but Revel Systems has “True Offline Mode”. Revel Systems was designed using what we call a hybrid network architecture. Traditionally, legacy Point of Sale systems were run entirely on a local network, with an expensive, over-sized server at its center. Though your network speed was fast, the hardware was large and bulky, the networks used older technology, and maintenance was slow and expensive. And business reporting could only be accessed from within the business itself, which was inefficient and inconvenient.

The Future of Point of Sale™

Revel iPad POS is more than just a point of sale.  It is a robust analytics engine that is helping thousands of businesses make better decisions and increase the bottom line.  It is powerful enough for large multinational chains, but affordable for independent businesses. It provides detailed reporting, inventory and employee management tools.  It handles single locations or hundreds of establishments from a single, cloud-based backend.  It is the industry leader in functionality, security, and usability.